I study Information Science at Cornell University, where I’m advised by Matthew Wilkens and David Mimno. My research interests include cultural analytics, computational rhetoric, reception studies, and the digital humanities.

I just finished a project finding how Supreme Court Justices curate judicial personas through rhetorical strategies in court opinions–and whether this can be modeled computationally. I also do research at Authors AI, creating text analysis reports for authors with Marlowe and helping readers find community and discover books at BingeBooks

Prior to returning to my graduate studies, I was an Instructor at Washington State University in the Department of English, the Digital Technology and Culture program, and the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. I received my Master’s degree in Literature at WSU with an MA thesis that investigated the strategic and rhetorical tactics of Supreme Court Justices. Before that, I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska in English and Film Studies. At Nebraska, I got involved with the digital humanities through the Nebraska Literary Lab and the (then) nascent George Eliot Archive.

I co-authored, with Matthew Jockers, the recently published second edition of Text Analysis With R.