Rosamond Thalken is an Instructor of English and Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University. She received her M.A. in English Literature from Washington State University and her B.A. in English and Film Studies from the University of Nebraska.


My research centers around how digital technology impacts notions of privacy, technological utopianism and cyberfeminism, and how digital tools can reveal intricacies and patterns in linguistic style. Multiple of my ongoing research projects investigate how text analysis unveils gendered communication habits, spanning from within political to literary documents. Most recently, I finished my MA thesis which investigated the strategic and rhetorical habits of Supreme Court Justices; particularly considering how the first female Justices used responsive rhetorical maneuvers to counter sexism and demonstrate capability. I am curious about how women engage with technology as a theme in fiction, as well the study of real-world movements countering sexism perpetrated by and through technology.